Love Carrick!

Street photography is mostly associated with big cities like New York, London or Tokyo. They offer an action, a constant flow of people, diversity. In April 2018, shortly after returning from a holiday in the busiest of all cities - Hong Kong, I decided to shoot a project locally. The towns of Clonmel and Carrick-On-Suir are the same distance from my house. I used to live in the former, but the latter remained mostly unknown to me. It was the unknown that made me pick Carrick-On-Suir as my playground. It may not offer what the above-mentioned world’s capitals do, but it has its own atmosphere, its own vibe, and its own friendly people. It inspired me from my first walk with a camera and I came back to Carrick-On-Suir 26 more times. I walked and watched and waited and talked…I started recognizing people’s faces, I witnessed changes in some places and stillness in others. I photographed Carrick-On-Suir as it is, and I hope you’ll find it interesting.