Japan GAA

What can a Polish photographer do in Tokyo? He can photograph Japanese people playing an Irish sport.

When I was preparing to my second trip to Japan in June 2016, I have learned that there is a GAA club in Tokyo. I was really curious about this. How come there is someone playing Gaelic Football in Japan? I have contacted them through their Facebook page and Phil, Japan GAA chairman, invited me to come to their training. I met a group of wonderful people. They are all friendly, helpful, and really passionate about their sport.

Japan GAA is a non-profit, volunteer organization founded in the mid-90's devoted to promoting international friendship and understanding, primarily through participation in Gaelic sport and Irish culture, in Japan and throughout Asia. Like many other clubs in Asia, Japan GAA has undergone several turnovers in members since then, but each year manages to pull together an excellent group of players.

In the history of Japan GAA, club members have come from several different countries, from Ireland, Japan, China, England, Scotland, US, Australia, Sweden, Germany, New Zealand, Canada to name but a few. In recent years, the club has made an effort to recruit members of the local community, and for the past few years, most of the ladies teams have been made up entirely of Japanese nationals.

Over the years, Japan GAA has slowly increased its activity from preparing solely for the Asian Gaelic Games a few months beforehand to a full 12-month calendar of events. Members can be found training in early spring, planning and curating St. Patrick's Day events in March, attending smaller tournaments in North Asia in early-summer as well as hosting cultural events across Japan.


-Men's All-Asia Intermediate Plate Winners 2015
-Women's All-Asia Intermediate Cup Winners 2015
-Women's All-Asia Junior Plate Runners up 2015
-Women's All-Asia Junior Cup Winners 2014
-Women's North-Asia Plate Champions 2014
-Men's All-Asia Plate Champions 2012
-Men's North-Asia Champions 2011
-Women's All-Asia Bowl Champions 2010
-Women's All-Asia Plate Winners 2007
-Women's All-Asia Cup Winners 2003
-Women's All-Asia Cup Winners 2002
-Men's Derek Brady Cup Winners 2001
-Men's Derek Brady Cup Winners 2000