about me


I am a Polish photographer currently based in county Tipperary, Ireland.

I have participated in workshops with photographers/editors from Magnum, VII Photo Agency, and The National Geographic. I was a student of the Eddie Adams Workshop in 2015. I was recently selected to attend the VII Masterclass 2016/2017 in Berlin.

I am a member of the photography collective OnEdgeStreet.

Photography is my way of learning about the people and the society. I devote most of my spare time to photography. When I am not taking pictures I spent my time looking at them. I have a growing collection of photography books.


Photographic education:

 2016/2017 - VII Masterclass                                                                          2015 - Eddie Adams Workshop
 2015 - Portfolio review during Belfast Photography Festival
 2013 - Workshop with Kent Kobersteen & Tomasz Tomaszewski
 2012 - Workshop with Stefano de Luigi
 2011 - Workshop with Tomasz Tomaszewski
 2010 - Workshop with Nikos Economopoulos


2016 - Laureate of "DEBUTS"
2015 - Eddie Adams Workshop
2014 - Second Place Winner - Miami Street Photography Festival
2014 - Honourably Mention in International Photography Awards - Traditions and Cultures category.
2014 - Winner of Leica Street Photo (Leica Camera Poland).
2012 - Honourably Mentions in International Photography Awards in three categories: Editorial-General News, Editorial-Other & Travel/Tourism.


2017 - Japan GAA. Japanese Film Festival Ireland, Lighthouse Cinema, Dublin.
2017 - 'Other Spaces' - On Edge Street group exhibition, Cork, Ireland 2016 - 'DEBUTS' - Group exhibition, Hotel Andels, Lodz, Poland.
2016 - Street Dogs of Poland, 2nd anniversary traveling exhibition.
2015 - iStreet - Irish Street Photography group exhibition, Sol Art Gallery, Dublin.
2015 - 30 photographs / 30 authors - Street Dogs of Poland group exhibition, Warsaw.
2014 - Miami Street Photography Festival - group exhibition, Miami.
2014 – IV Leica Street Photo - group exhibition at the Leica Gallery, Warsaw.